Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abscess and Leak Check CT

The months after bariatric surgery can be filled with stressful medical and personal issues. A Surgery Abscess and Leak Check can put unwelcome pressure on a relationship. Because it is one of the hardest parts of the journey towards happiness, a supportive partner is really needed during this part of the journey.

Stomach Pains

Recently, Bariatric Barb complained of abdominal pain for the past three weeks. But, it has been three months since her Gastric Sleeve Surgery. There is a constant temperature of 100.5 to 102 deg F near her left-side lower ribcage. B-Barb has been listless, irritable and has muscles aches, especially in her extremities. She has been out of work since her surgery and that’s generated career and financial concerns. Barry believes that it is an abscess or a leak along the staple line of the Gastric sleeve. Stool samples came back normal as did the blood tests. But, this Contrast Enhanced CT is another tool to see into what the cause of this localized fever and possible infection is. Seemingly never ending, the sleeve surgery repercussions are persisting. And Barry wants her to be 100% healthy before the wedding. So, finding the cause of her maladies is top priority.

Barry hopes to see the staples to confirm that the scans are clear and they are looking in the correct place. There are wishing that a course of antibiotics will help heal any infection. Alternatively, a found abscess or leak may mean that surgery or drainage will be necessary.

Using The Contrast Enhanced CT Scan to perform a Surgery Abscess and Leak Check

Sun, Zhonghua & Al-Naeemi, Awaji & KHAN, LIAQAT. (2012). Perforated duodenal ulcer associated with anterior abdominal abscess: A case report. Australasian Medical Journal. 5. 14-17. 10.4066/AMJ.2012.1006.

To prepare for the scan, Barry searches the web for images of “Contrast CT scan abdominal abscess” and found the following:

Check the next post for the CT Scan results – fingers crossed!

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